Anatoly Akue.


Urban artist since 1997.

Based in Moscow / Russia.

Since 2010 i m traveling with lections about developing in art-life relationship.


Selected projects:

Streetart and graffiti :

2000-2004- Nescafe clear enegry. Moscow.

2004-Winners of Write 4 gold( TSA crew) /Russia/Moscow.

2004 -“Write 4 gold” /Germany. International graffiti championship.

2005- First mural in Moscow.

2006-2008 Meeting of styles. Minsk /Gomel /Saint-petersburg.

2006 –Graffiti festival at  Winzavod. Center of modern art. Moscow.

2007-Roza mira. Mural festival. Moscow.

2008-2010- Graffiti festival “PAINT METHODS” Omsk / Novosibirsk/ Krasnoyars/ Barnaul.

2008-2009- Write for gold /Moscow.

2010-2011-Street-art festival Stenografia. Yekaterinburg.

2009-2010- The Others/Graffiti festival in Tumen.

2012- Just write my name. Moscow.

2013-Mural festival “5 elements”. Salavat.

2014-Cultural summer festival. Chemnitz.Germany.

2014-Lgz .Street-art festival. Moscow.

2014- Art weekend festival. Krasnoyarsk.

2015- 30 shapes of style. Moscow

2015-2016.Resident of DEAC (Dukley European Art Community).Montenegro.

2016- Smukfest. Archus.Denmark.

2017-South street fest. Sochi.

2017-Aarhus festuge. Streetart festival. Danmark

2017- Smukfest. Skaneborg.Danmark.

2017-Morejam.19th international festival of students and youth. Sochi.

2018-Mesto. Streetart festival. Nizhniy Nowgorod.Russia

2018-Step in the arena.Eindhoven. Holand.


Group show and projects.

2008- Wind steppe.Omsk.Russia

2009- «The others» .Tyumen.Russia

2009- Paint methods.Krasnoyarsk. Russia

2010 – Svoboda project.Omsk

2013-2014 ARTwall. Kurehin Art center.Saint-Petersburg.

2013-Sretenka design week. Lecture.Moscow

2014- Night of light. Kazan


2015-Project 64.Vdnh.Moscow

2015-Wall elements. Group show and representation of Russion catalog of street-art.Ru Arts gallery.Moscow

2015-Moscow biennale of streetart art.ARTMOSSPHERE.Artplay.Moscow

2015 –Group show.Zarya art center.Vladivostok

2016-Second biennale of streetart “Invisible wall" Artmossphere.Manezh.Moscow

2016- Independence/Project 64 with Tele2.Vdnh.Moscow

2015-2016- Auction of streetart/RuArts gallery and Artmossphere 

2016 – "The outlanders" Aarchus.Denmark

2017- "Conditions" Show with Anna Mikheeva.Fga space.Moscow 

2017-Group Exhibition at Arhus festuge. Danmark.

2017-Group exhibition "Start in art. K35 gallery. Moscow

2017- Project with Jon Perello (JonOne Ny) for Hennesy Russia.

2017-Art fair. Streetart museum. Saint-Petersburg.

2017- Не лишний человек.Manezh. Saint-Petersburg

2017-3 Streetart auction. RuArts gallery and Artmossphere. Moscow

2017-Войти в историю. Moscow museum. Curated by Triumph gallery.

2018- Другие берега.Group show. Manezh.SaintPetersburg.

2018- Ra&Af. Art faif. Manezh.Moscow.

2018- Urbanart fair. France.

2018- Venice architectural biennale.Russian pavilion. Italy

2018-Wall elements. Manezh. Saint-Petersburg.

2018-3rd biennale of streetart Artmossphere.Vinzavod.Moscow


Solo show:

2014-Exhibition and lectures in Protvor gallery/Saint Petersburg.

2014-Retreat.Project in StreetartMuseum .Saint Petersburg.

2015 -Seredina.Omsk

2016- Discursive mind. Dukley European art center.Kotor/ Montenegro

2016-The journey. Dukley residence.Budva/ Montenegro

2016 –Vacuum (documentary project) Book.Moscow

2018-The guest. Triumph Gallery. Moscow